LaSeur Knives are made from simple, pure, high carbon steel. When properly heat-treated a carbon steel blade has a very fine grain structure, is very hard and can take a very keen edge. Despite it’s hardness it is easy to get very sharp, and will stay that way for a long time.

These blades are not stainless, however, and they can rust if left in contact with moisture. As you begin to use your new knife, especially with acidic foods, the steel will react and darken as a layer of oxides develop which will ultimately form the patina.

This patina is useful and attractive, and once formed it will ‘seal’ the steel, and like a well-seasoned iron skillet it will help protect the blade from corrosion and further reaction to food.

The key to getting the most enjoyment from your carbon steel knife is to leave behind the image of a perpetually bright, shiny blade and embrace the notion that the knife you hold now will not be the same knife in a month, or a year. It will develop it’s own character, unique to you and your kitchen.

The only special care required is to hand wash and fully dry before putting the knife away. That’s it!

Some tips: As your patina is initially developing, it’s helpful to have a moist towel on hand to wipe the blade between different foods. The blade will also be more susceptible to rust during this early period. If storing for extended periods you can apply some food-safe oil, but it is not necessary with regular use. If your wooden handle starts looking a little dry after a while, an application of Danish or Tung oil finish will restore it. It should go without saying but it needs to be said: no dish- washer!

To maintain the edge, hone regularly with a smooth sharpening steel (good), or a fine ceramic honing rod (best). Avoid serrated or grooved sharpening steels. A leather strop or a very fine sharpening stone are also excellent options for quickly touching up the edge.

Lifetime Guarantee

All LaSeur Knives are guaranteed against any failure in workmanship or performance, assuming reasonable use and care. If you find one of our knives to be defective, or are unsatisfied in any way, we will gladly repair it, replace it, or refund you.

We are happy to sharpen or refurbish your knife at any time free of charge if you cover the transportation to and from the workshop.

Thank you!